Top 25 Natural Beauty Bloggers to Follow in 2023

It is wonderful to look the best you can, but it is quite important to not sacrifice tomorrow for today’s beauty regime. Turning to natural beauty products and methods is the best way to be sure you do not later suffer from the toxic chemicals that can be found in many beauty products.

Whether you have sensitive skin and you are looking for gentle products, want to avoid products developed through animal testing, or want to preserve your health, I believe spending time reading articles from natural beauty bloggers is important. Along with beauty tips, there is plenty of information that can lead you to the green life your body craves.

You could spend a lifetime trying to figure out which are worth following though. To save you time this article leads you right to the best of the best: the top beauty bloggers to follow this year.



It is a pleasure to spend time on this site full of easy to read product reviews as well as enjoyable and informative blogs. You will also find links to Kim's professional writing featured in such esteemed publications as Mother Earth Living and Organic Spa magazines.

Organic Beauty Source

Liz has not only an easy style of writing but also a wealth of information on everything from beauty to wellness. You’ll find skincare, makeup, body care, and hair care in the beauty section, and food, fitness, and mind+soul in the wellness section. I particularly enjoyed the section on cosmetic ingredients to avoid, found in the resources section.


Nath is doing something very few bloggers do – no ads! By Nath’s own statement, “BS-free, no-fad/no-ad, well informed outpost of green & gorgeous beauty and ethical & healthy lifestyle,” you get the feeling that you are getting honest and unbiased opinions. While there is nothing wrong with showing support for products, I like this one for those times I really don’t want that.

Smells Like a Green Spirit

I found the product reviews on this blog to be refreshing and decidedly authentic. I could feel that she had truly tried the products. I particularly loved the articles that were geared toward making the switch to a green product in which she discussed the closest alternatives to popular products that are not green.

Amber’s Beauty Talk

A nice treat from Amber is the option to follow her on her own YouTube channel if you are one that prefers video over reading. One of her passions, which I also share, is a love of bees and products based around bees. She provides reviews of products that are all cruelty-free, natural, and organic, and also some that are vegan.

Ana Goes Green

Ana offers not only natural products but also considers those that are eco-friendly as well. While most reviews are for beauty products, there is also the occasional food product. Ana is featured by The Fuss on their 2016 Best Organic Beauty Blogger list.

Beautiful Basics

Kassie lends a personal touch to her blog by sharing a bit about her personal life, including that she is chronically ill. Her posts are very upbeat and positive, and you can tell instantly that she has a passion for green living that carries throughout all she does. I found her posts very enjoyable, and quite informative besides.

Small Bits of Loveliness

Jana is from Slovenia and you can tell that she is passionate about health. She has a lot of various interests but her blogs are mostly about green beauty. There is a free-spirited feel about her writing that made me smile more than once. I love the way she starts off many of her posts with, “Hello beauties!”

Every Home Remedy

Olivia is a sweetheart and you can tell right off the bat that she wants to help you in any way she can. She even tells you right on the site to contact her with any health, beauty or household problems you have. She also has another contributor to her site, Holly Nunan, who does articles about exercise and fitness, along with raising healthy children and home remedies. The two make an excellent team.

The Green Product Junkie

Katie is a native New Yorker and started her voyage into green products when she grew concerned about the harmful ingredients in deodorant and found the same was true with skincare and makeup. She is driven to help others make the switch to a toxic-free existence. She reviews skincare, makeup, body care, hair care, and more.

Dwell in Beauty

If you are looking for more than just product reviews, you’ll love Audrey. She gives the background information about what it means to switch to green and what you can expect. She covers skincare and beauty, as well as wellness and lifestyle. You’ll also love the healthy recipes she shares. I can’t wait to try the Sunrise Chia Seed Smoothie!

The Green Beauty Wellness Blog

If you are looking for lots of variety, this just might be your favorite blog on this list. It does not just cover products but also books and includes breast cancer prevention tips. From skin cleansing tools to how to deal with a leaky gut, you'll not only learn only how to be beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. 

Naturalla Beauty

Caitie has a very exuberant personality that shows in her product reviews. It is obvious that her main goal is to help others, so much that she even lists her favorite bloggers! She has a nice marriage of quality descriptions of the products and what she feels about them, so you don’t just get one side or the other.

Living Pretty Naturally

This is an extremely thorough site that covers so many things that you could spend quite a bit of time here and be glad to return over and over again. It doesn’t just cover natural beauty, but also food & nutrition, wellness & yoga, how to travel naturally, and ingredients to be avoided. Lots of graphics make this site as fun to look at as to read. I particularly loved Kate's articles about natural healing.

Little Green Dot

This site is particularly geared to busy people that still want to incorporate healthy choices into their lives. Keeping things simple makes it easy to live an eco-lifestyle full of organic and natural options. Full of lots of great tips that won’t take you hours to understand or incorporate into your family’s life.

Empowered Sustenance

Dealing with chronic pain and constant medications is not any way to have to live. Lauren knows, because that is the life she thought she was stuck with, until she learned that you can empower your health and take steps to free yourself from this type of existence. It is refreshing to read how she has transformed her life, and even if you are not in pain, you can learn so much about achieving and living a vibrant health life.

Mindful Momma

When it comes to practical strategies for a healthier life, you can’t go wrong by spending some time with Micaela. While too many think that leading a healthy lifestyle is a bit difficult, she shows that it can be an amazing adventure and the result is a thriving family that gets the most out of life. With tips for lifestyle, healthy food, making DIY products, and buying the best products out there, Micaela makes it easier to get healthy.

Clean’s the New Black

I loved that this site addresses many of the things I had questions about, and I’m sure you do too. It isn’t just about product reviews, it is about getting a better understanding about how to lead a clean, simple, and natural lifestyle, and how to separate the truth from the hype.

Gurl Gone Green

Want a place to learn about clean beauty, clean eating, clean living and more? Here it is! Not only are there amazing articles to be read, but also various podcasts for getting even deeper into the topics you want to know about the most. There are plenty of product reviews as well. Suzi has a fun style of writing that shows just how passionate she is about leading a green life.

Hello Annabel

Annabel has a wonderful way of presenting information and comes up with things that are truly unique. For example, her article on why you should drink spearmint tea for clearer skin and her green Christmas gift guide are amazing. You will find acne help, beauty posts, recipes, and even book reviews. Be sure to check out the Top 5 category.


Courtney’s main focus is to present beauty products that are cruelty free. She is a lover of bold and bright colors. She is quite talented at coming up with entertaining and useful articles, such as her 10 Life Changing Beauty Hacks and Cruelty Free Hair Dye Brands. You’ll be thinking about things you might not have paid much attention to as you read through her posts.

Lovely Witches

A proclaimed animal lover, Gemima, from South Wales, UK, is driven to steer people clear of those cosmetics and products that are developed by testing on animals. She searches for those that are not and shares them so that if this is something you are also passionate about, you can still find plenty of great products.

A Better Kind

There is so much to rave about on this one, but I’ll limit it to the very helpful list of cruelty free brands and a very thorough beauty category that includes makeup, skincare, haircare, tanning, nails, and scents. I was particularly pleased to see the scents section as I already knew that most of the products on the market are full of harmful chemicals but didn’t know how to go about finding those that weren’t.

A V Nice Life

This is a nice collection that embraces vegan, veggies and cruelty free choices. With beauty tips, recipes, travel information, health information, and much more, this is a very useful site to use. Sarah does a nice job of sharing her experiences as she tries her best to lead a vegan lifestyle.

Curiously Conscious

Besma appears to be on an amazing journey and loves to share how she lives with a focus on wellbeing. Her posts fall into one of four categories: nourishing food, natural beauty, ethical fashion, and living well. When someone finds such a passion for something that they truly have no choice but to share it with others, something really beautiful happens, and that is what makes this one of my favorites. You can tell it comes from her heart.


Before I decided to compile this list, I must admit that although I am passionate about natural products, I pretty much just avoided most beauty products completely. Perhaps it was fear that nothing out there was truly natural, or perhaps I was just too busy to concern myself.

Thanks to the plethora of information I found from these amazing natural beauty bloggers, I can honestly say that my life is forever changed. I hope it changes yours too and that you and your family welcome the adventure with open arms. Start by tossing out all those toxic products and enjoy a new way that will allow for beauty now and for years to come.

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Lindsay is concerned about health, nutrition and the environment. She believes natural products are best and wants to help others learn more about the benefits of using them.

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