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Best Essential Oils & Best Essential Oil Brands

A Guide: Best Essential Oils & Best Essential Oil Brands

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their healing and beautification properties, and now, with more and more people moving toward a more natural approach to commonplace problems such as hair care and anxiety, essential oils are quickly finding their way into more homes across the globe. Once you understand what you want your essential oil to do, you just go and buy one, right? If only it were that easy. 

The market for essential oils has become a bit saturated, and finding the right product for your needs can be overwhelming. Many oils can multitask, offering different benefits for a variety of ailments or concerns, but care must be taken to find the best essential oils of the highest quality.

Instead of scouring the internet, hoping to find reputable information, this article will give you a comprehensive overview of the best essential oils for your needs, and the best essential oil companies and brands to purchase from. So take a deep breath, we’ve already done all the work for you, all you need to do is keep reading.

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Best Essential Oil for Inflammation and Muscle Pain

The Best Essential Oil for Inflammation and Muscle Pain

Inflammation is one of those conditions that often gets a bit of a bad rap. We think it as something that is wrong with our body, when in reality it is a natural response to something else that is wrong. When your body experiences an infection or physical injury, a chemical response occurs to send blood flow to that area to aid in healing.

The unfortunate part is that this also stimulates nerves which can sometimes be painful in itself. There are also situations where chronic inflammation occurs, such as from arthritis and other diseases where the body gets a bit carried away.

Turning to essential oils to minimize inflammation and muscle pain, especially chronic cases, aids your body because you are not potentially adding to some of the underlying causes of the inflammation, such as reactions to synthetic chemicals. We live in a very toxic world, so anything you can do to reduce your exposure is going to be better for you in the long run.

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Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss - Pure Health HQ

A Guide to the Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Being above your ideal weight can be detrimental in so many ways. However, it isn’t just about the health risks that it can pose, but also about your confidence. It is difficult to feel your best when you don’t think that you look your best.

If you are like me, you've probably jumped at more than one method for weight loss, each with less than desirable results. It took me a while to realize that the problem wasn’t that I was a failure, but that the methods themselves were to blame.

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Best Essential Oils For Sleep And Relaxation

Tired? The Best Essential Oils For Sleep And Relaxation

Over the course of a few nights, even a slight loss of sleep - one to two hours - is enough to make you feel like you haven’t closed your eyes for days. When you sleep your body heals itself; bolstering your immune system, building muscle mass, and maintaining and developing the complex neural pathways that connect the brain. Without proper rest, your brain’s ability to learn new skills, manage emotional behavior, and solve problems is impaired.

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Best Essential Oils For Anxiety

Stressed? The Best Essential Oils For Anxiety

My mornings can be chaotic, with a flurry of new things that need to be done, and soon I find my daily planner is filled with tasks, some of them spilling over to the next day. It can be overwhelming sometimes, and if you’re like me, no matter what you do throughout the day, something can stress you out, and cause anxiety or mood shifts. What you do each day and how you respond to situations can quicken your heart rate, raise blood pressure, and generally disrupt your well being.

Instead of reaching for medication that may have some unwanted side effects, various studies show the effectiveness of using essential oils to calm your mind and your heart, thereby greatly reducing anxiety and even depression. Here are the 5 best essential oils for anxiety:

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Best Essential Oils for Headaches and Migraines

The Best Essential Oils for Headaches and Migraines

While some medical conditions are such that having a delay in seeing results is acceptable, when you are sidelined by chronic headaches or debilitating migraines, you need reliable and fast relief. Unfortunately, because there are so many things that can trigger both headaches and migraines, it can be challenging to find the right method to get the relief you need.

I know that when I get an occasional headache or even mind-numbing migraine, it always seems to come at the most inopportune time. I’m not a fan of synthetic medication, so I started to do some research into natural methods of relief so I could have them handy.

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Best Essential Oils for Skin

Want To Radiate Beauty? The Best Essential Oils for Skin

I've been obsessed with essential oils recently! The more I use them, the more I come to appreciate their effectiveness. I've been blown away by the wonders these oils have worked on my complexion. Based on the online reviews of these products, other people have enjoyed these products almost as much as I have.

The following 5 best essential oils for your face can do it all. They are sure to help alleviate any skin problem you might be having. These oils are, in my opinion, the best essential oils for skincare, and you should add them to your health and beauty toolkit as soon as you can.

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Best Essential Oil For Wrinkles

Fight Aging With The Best Essential Oil For Wrinkles

Aging skin and the appearance of wrinkles are problems that face us all at some point. Pollution, heavy workloads, increased stress and many other factors in our hectic lives have contributed to why our skin ages more quickly than we’d like it to. Luckily, there is an easy solution to our problem - essential oils! But which is the best essential oil for wrinkles?

If you want your skin to look bright and radiant and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, I highly recommend using essential oils on your skin. There are no harsh chemicals, only natural ingredients that you can feel good about using. And as an added bonus, they also have therapeutic properties that can enhance your physical and mental health.

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Best Essential Oil for Hair

Shiny, Healthy Hair – The Best Essential Oil for Hair

In addition to smelling wonderful, essential oils have some very good health and beauty benefits. People have been using them since ancient times for their medicinal properties. More recently they have gained popularity as a natural means of promoting healthy hair and skin. They’re even used pretty widely in natural shampoos and conditioners.

These oils, which are extracted or distilled from various plant parts such as seeds, fruits, flowers, and leaves are highly concentrated and potent. For the promotion of hair growth, there are several options, each with their own distinct medicinal property. Here’s our list of the best essential oils for hair growth and hair health to help make everyday a good hair day.

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Best Essential Oil for Acne

Get Clear Skin With The Best Essential Oil for Acne

You think acne is only something you deal with when you’re a teenager, and then one morning you wake up and see it in the mirror: a huge pimple has taken over your chin. You can hide it with makeup, or use harsh chemicals to fix it, but sometimes that only makes it worse.

Acne is caused by a variety of factors, hormones being the main culprit past your teen years, but what can you do to combat it? There are plenty of acne medications at the drugstore, but did you know certain essential oils can also help your persistent acne or occasional breakouts? For a more natural approach to clearing your skin, read on to see how these essential oils can lead to better skin, and less concealer.

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