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It is a common misconception that people who have oily skin do not need to worry about hydration. In truth, hydration is a very different thing than oil. In fact, oily skin can be severely dehydrated and thus need a moisturizer. By using the best organic moisturizer for oily skin you can keep your face hydrated and avoid ingredients that could harm your health down the road.

Skin lacking in hydration actually lacks water content, not oil content. This is exacerbated by using harsh products to control the oil that strip the skin of water. Take care to choose the right moisturizer so as not to make your skin oilier in the process.

Harsh chemicals should likewise be avoided due to the many health risks associated with them and their tendency to make matters worse in the long run. Thankfully there are numerous products on the market so that it is relatively easy to find the best natural moisturizer for oily skin. 


Our Choices for the Best Organic Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Wonderpiel Skincare Luxury Moisturizing Cream

Wonderpiel Skincare Luxury Moisturizing Cream

What could be better than a face moisturizer that you only need to use once a day to improve any type of skin type? One that is also safe to use! Its marvelous herbal extracts repair your skin to give it softness, elasticity, glow, vitality, and smoothness.

This product has no alcohol, paraben, gluten, fragrance, fillers, binders or perfume. With light rose essential oil it has a delightful scent. It is also infused with Kukui nut oil which is effective at fading and dissolving old scar tissue.

Perfect for getting back your younger appearance or keeping aging at bay. It comes in a handy size that is perfect for travel as well, even airline travel. You can use it on other areas besides your face, including adding it to your massage routine. Reviewers love the way their skin feels when using this product.

Era Organics Complete Advanced Healing 10-in-1 Formula

This deep hydration formula is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, and can be used on the face or anywhere on the body. Its non-greasy formula absorbs fully leaving no residue.

It is like a superfood for your skin with organic ingredients.Those include aloe vera, Manuka honey, coconut oil, shea butter, blue green algae, olive oil, hemp seed oil, and cocoa butter.

It is formulated to repair damaged cells, stimulate new cell growth, and restore your skin's natural 5.5 PH balance. You’ll also love its anti-aging benefits that stimulate collagen production, strengthen fibers, and improve elasticity. This organic moisturizer for oily skin protects your skin from damaging free radicals. It is so gentle and safe that it can even be used on children. Reviewers boast about dramatic changes and overcoming acne and eczema.

Organity Organic Active Moisturizer

Organity has formulated this moisturizer with ingredients specially selected for their unique benefits while staying true to their pledge to use USDA Certified organic ingredients. They do not use GMOs, parabens or artificial fragrances. The resulting product is safe and effective for skin balancing, protection, and deep moisturization.

You’ll enjoy not only hydration but rejuvenation in this anti-aging formula. It contains orange peel essence and wintergreen giving it a citrus scent with mint undertones.

They guarantee that no chemicals are used. They also do not use inexpensive fillers, like water, that do nothing to provide the benefits you desire. You can use this product during the day or overnight (or both). You can also use it for the temporary relief of conditions such as shaving rash and acne.

Bee Friendly Night Cream

While someone that does not respond well to bee stings may not have a fondness for these industrious creatures, the fact remains that humans could not survive on this planet were it not for their diligent duties. Mankind is also finding out that although honey is delicious, it and the other byproducts of bee’s efforts have wonderful health benefits.

This product includes raw Hawaiian honey as well as beeswax with pollen and propolis. This ingredient has been carefully obtained through holistic efforts by Hawaiian beekeepers. The result is a product that is non-pore clogging and suitable for all skin types.

This thick, highly concentrated cream is a wonderful overnight moisturizer. They also offer a rejuvenating face cream that is not as thick. The night cream is more moisturizing than the day cream making it extremely effective. Reviewers marvel at how fast it absorbs and that it does not have a greasy or oily feel to it. They also note how quickly they noticed a difference in their skin’s health.

Fresh Face Organix Rejuvenating Moisturizer

This product is made from 99% certified organic ingredients and, uniquely, completely fragrance free. It is safe for all skin types and can be used near the eyes. You can use it as a day or night cream. Another thing that makes this product unique is that it uses double-helix water to enhance the healing properties of the ingredients.

The company recommends using it after washing your face so that the warm water will have opened your pores and the cream can better penetrate. Reviewers love the light, not greasy, formula and report fantastic results.


Every day your skin comes in contact with a plethora of chemicals, contaminants, and irritants in the environment that dry your skin and accelerate aging. It makes no sense to add to that by using personal care products full of those same toxins. Your best defense for keeping youthful looking skin and overcoming the harmful effects already experienced is to use natural products. Products that do not contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, GMO ingredients, antibiotics, and other damaging additives.

Often just making the change to natural beauty aids is enough to make a profound difference in your skin because many skin conditions are the body’s response to being inundated with chemicals in the first place. Also keep in mind that anything you put on your skin is transported into your bloodstream. Therefore, avoiding chemicals is important to protecting much more than just your skin.

If in addition you are careful to choose products that address your specific skin type, you stand an excellent chance of resolving the root cause of your problem. By using the best organic moisturizer for oily skin you’ll address the hydration issue without making your skin oilier in the process.

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