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Lindsay is concerned about health, nutrition and the environment. She believes natural products are best and wants to help others learn more about the benefits of using them.

The Best Essential Oil for Inflammation and Muscle Pain

Best Essential Oil for Inflammation and Muscle Pain - Pure Health HQ

Inflammation is one of those conditions that often gets a bit of a bad rap. We think it as something that is wrong with our body, when in reality it is a natural response to something else that is wrong. When your body experiences an infection or physical injury, a chemical response occurs to send blood flow to that area to aid in healing.

The unfortunate part is that this also stimulates nerves which can sometimes be painful in itself. There are also situations where chronic inflammation occurs, such as from arthritis and other diseases where the body gets a bit carried away.

Turning to essential oils to minimize inflammation and muscle pain, especially chronic cases, aids your body because you are not potentially adding to some of the underlying causes of the inflammation, such as reactions to synthetic chemicals. We live in a very toxic world, so anything you can do to reduce your exposure is going to be better for you in the long run.

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Tired? The Best Essential Oils For Sleep And Relaxation

Over the course of a few nights, even a slight loss of sleep - one to two hours - is enough to make you feel like you haven’t closed your eyes for days. When you sleep your body heals itself; bolstering your immune system, building muscle mass, and maintaining and developing the complex neural pathways that connect the brain. Without proper rest, your brain’s ability to learn new skills, manage emotional behavior, and solve problems is impaired.

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